What to do and see in the Drome Provencale

You will find cities with a rich history in the Drome Provencale. At only a short distance from Montbrun les Bains there are interesting cities such as Nyons, Buis les Baronnies, Valreas, Carpentras, Cavaillon, Apt, Manosque and Sisteron.

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Cycling on Mont Ventoux. Start from Domaine Château des Gipières

Cycling on Mont Ventoux.  The Mont Ventoux, the Lure, the Luberon and the Baronnies hide their magical and picturesque spots such as La Fontaine de Vaucluse, Rousillon with its ochre colors and the Pays d'Apt with its villages situated high in the hills.

You will experience amazing impressions during your cycle tour or when climbing Mont Ventoux. That is unless you are fully concentrating on reaching the top of Mont Ventoux and only have the top of the Bald Mountain in your sights. You can depart from the castle by bike and start your climb from Sault.

Lots more information about Mont Ventoux.


Winery Château PesquiéThe estate and wine house Château Pesquié is certainly worth visiting. It is located in Mormoiron and is owned by the Bastide family.  Odette and René purchased the estate at the start of the seventies.

They work with nine grape varieties at Pesquié. The vineyard is located in the south of the Rhone Valley but the altitude and freshness of the Ventoux influence the quality of the wines. You can judge the quality for yourself when you visit.

 Website of winery Château des Pesquié


Paragliding at Mevouillon

Paragliding. The excellent Mediterranean climate and favourable air streams in the region make it an excellent location for paragliding or hand-gliding.

With over 22 years of experience, you will be supervised under the best possible conditions and safety requirements. The experts there know the region like no other and therefore have excellent knowledge of the region’s aerology. It is an ideal area for hikers and exceptionally suited to paragliding.

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 The 'Grottes de Thouzon'The 'Grottes de Thouzon' in Le Thor, or the Thouzon Caves, can be visited from 1 April to the end of October. The locals believe you will see underground gems there.
Along an almost flat hallway, you walk on the fossilised bed of a subterranean stream. You penetrate into the enchanting world of dens and caverns. The Thouzon Cave is a true gem in itself. It is also the only cave in the Provence open to the public.
142, Impasse des Sablières
84250 Le Thor
+33 (0)
View the website of the Thouzon Caves here


Canyoning, Escalade and Via Ferrata in Vergol

Canyoning, Escalade, Via Ferrata. All concepts in Drome related to mountain and water sports that you can do in the nearby vicinity of Chateau des Gipières in Montbrun les Bains.

Canyoning is all about climbing the mountain, while Via Ferrata ("Iron Road") is about following a parkour set out with long steel cables set against the wall of the mountain. Escalade regards abseiling; there are various degrees of difficulty. For children from 8 years. 

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Take a look at the website of the 'Office du Tourisme de Montbrun les Bains' and find out for yourself how many activities are on offer in the Drome Provencale.

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